Premature ejaculation (PE) is explained as the early or quick discharge of the male semen (sperm)

before or during sexual intercourse. Many couple experience PE at one time or the order.

Marriages have broken due to PE whereby the man does not last long as expected of the

partner. It has caused frustration and unhappiness between couples and has also contributed

to partner seeking satisfaction elsewhere.

A normal man mostly last for about 7 minutes. PE depends on couples stand on what time a

man will last before ejaculating. Some men may last for 15 minutes and their partners still

complains of PE but for a man to last for say 1.5 minutes is actually a PE.

The only symptoms of PE is when you feel that your ejaculation period is too short or your

partner starts to complain.

PE does not have a particular causes but  there are factors that can contribute to it which


     1.   Nervousness.

     2.   Anxiety.

     3.   High intake of alcohol.

     4.   Stress.

     5.   Diseases that has to do with the prostate.

     6.   Relationship and emotional issues.

     7.   High intake of sugary things.

     8.   Diabetes.

     9.   Drugs or medication used in the treatment of certain illness (hypertension).

There are no perfect way of preventing premature ejaculation but there are a few techniques that can help

prolong ejaculation as listed below;

     1.   Stay away from sugary foods and liquids.

     2.   Try to solve emotional issues.

     3.   Try to take off your mind during sexual intercourse before ejaculating so as to last longer.

     4.   Do not be too anxious before engaging in sexual activities.

     5.   Reduce sexual sensation by using thick condoms.

     6.   Treat all diseases that has to do with the prostate.

     7.   Relax properly before engaging in sexual activities.

     8.   Masturbating before sexual intercourse can help prolong ejaculation but not advisable for

           couple wanting to get pregnant.

Visit your doctor for issues with premature ejaculation or treatment for PE.


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