Ebola virus is a deadly disease which causes severe illness in human body. It is not airborne.

The disease as no vaccine nor are there any treatment for it at the moment. About 90% of
infected people dies from the virus. The virus can appear in any country as the disease can

be spread by infected persons or animals. The disease was first spotted in Africa around

1976 in Democratic Republic of Congo. It is only when the virus finds its way into the body

that a person can be infected. The most easiest way through which the virus can enter the

body is through the nose, mouth, eyes and anus because this are the areas that is easily

accessible to the hand.

A person can contact Ebola virus by coming into contact with body and bodily fluids of infected

person or animals such as Baboon, Chimpanzees, Fruit Bat and Monkeys and also by eating

bush meat. Using and sharing of needles or sharp objects and bodily fluids of an infected person

is also a way of contacting the virus. The disease can also be contacted by washing, touching or

kissing of dead bodies that has been infected.

The symptoms can start to show up within 2 days of contact with an infected person and are divided

into early and later stages as listed below;
Early Symptoms:
  - Tiredness.

  -  Fever.

  - Nausea.

  - Headache
Later Symptoms:
  - Cough.

  - Vomiting.

  - Diarrhea.

  - Bleeding.
The disease can be prevented by washing your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and not

touching an infected person or their fluids;
  - Blood.

  - Feces.

  - Urine.

  - Body Fluid (Saliva, Sweat, Nausea Mucus).

  - Vomit.

  - Dead Body.
Wear Hand gloves, Nose mask and special Clothing if you must touch an infected person.
When you see any of the symptoms, call your medical center, telling them about your illness.
Also,  if you see anybody with such symptoms, make a quick call to the authorities so as to

avoid any outbreak of the disease..


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