Breast cancer is a disease that has to do with the breast area.There are different signs or symptoms

that can create awareness in you about breast cancer. The early stage of breast cancer has no

symptoms, so detecting a lump or other sign is not possible. It is advisable to consult your doctor

or any breast specialist to check or do screening of your breast annually with the use of mammogram.

The use of mammograms  has tremendously help many people detect  early stage of breast cancer

which as increased treatment success rate. Breast cancer starts in a cell and multiplies

at an uncontrollable rate. Men can also have breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is a kind of

cancer that do not appear in lumps but it affects or attacks nearby skin and looking like rash.

Risk factors that can cause breast cancer include;

     1.   Age.

     2.   Result of genetic test.

     3.   Family medical report.

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer are highlighted below;

     1.   Clear or bloody discharge without nipple squeezing.

     2.   Lump or swelling in the breast.

     3.   Continuous breast pain.

     4.   Scaliness,thickening or redness of the nipples.

     5.   Itching in the skin of the breast.

     6.   Sudden increase in size of one of a matured breast.

     7.   Reduced appetite.

     8.   Retraction of the nipple.

     9.   Weight loss.

     10. Swelling at the armpit area.

     11. Dimpling of the breast skin area.

     12. Headaches.

     13. The breast temperature is excessively warm.

Some of the ways to prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer are as follows;

     1.   Reduce weight.

     2.   Exercise.

     3.   Do not be exposed to environmental pollution and radiation.

     4.   Dont or stop smoking.

     5.   Breast feeding for a longer period.

     6.   Reduce the intake of alcohol.

     7.   Healthy diet.

Note that not all lumps are cancer. Some can be damaged fat tissue from hormonal changes. No matter what

you see, feel, or the symptoms you notice,consult your health care provider or doctor.


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