Hypertension is a persistent rise in the blood pressure reading of an individual above the range

expected for your age, sex or race. It is a leading cause of death globally.

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the heart against the wall of the arteries(the vessels carrying

blood from the heart to various part of the body).

Hypertension may also be called High blood pressure.

Types of Hypertension

     1.   Primary/ Essential.

     2.   Secondary - as a result of illness.

     3.   Malignant - Very severe developing from an early age.

Risk factors linked to Hypertension

The risk factors linked with hypertension is as follows;

     1.   Heredity - Family history.

     2.   Gender - Its common with males.

     3.   Stress.

     4.   Obesity

     5.   Oral contraceptive pills.

     6.   Excessive alcohol intake.

     7.   Consumption of large amount of tobacco.

     8.   Age - Older ones get the greater risk of hypertension.

     9.   Physical inactivities.

     10. Presence of certain diseases such as kidney disease.

Signs and symptions of hypertension includes;

     1.   Palpitation (Abnormal awareness of the beating of the heart).

     2.   Dizziness.

     3.   Nose bleeding.

     4.   Blurred vision.

     5.   Headache

     6.   Poor sleep.

Ways by wish hypertension can be confirmed includes:

     1.   Blood pressure measurement

     2.   Plain chest X-ray.

     3.   Urine test.
     4.   Eye examination.

     5.   Blood test.

Prevention of hypertension

     1.   Regular check up.

     2.   Intake of fruit and vegetables.

     3.   Avoid canned food.

     4.   Increase physical activities.

     5.   Intake of low fat and low salt diet.

     6.   Maintain a healthy weight.

     7.   Limit consumption of alcohol.

     8.   Quit smoking.

     9.   Avoid stress.

    10. Adding extra salt to food after cooking. 


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