Severe back pain develops in 70% of people whose job require prolonged sitting throughout the day.

We can be affected with back pain in different forms, Back pain can result from fracture, accidental
injury or sprain. Been overweight or medical condition cause severe back pain.

Back pain can also be caused by lifting objects incorrectly, sneezing, simple coughing, wrong

twisting and bending. The people affected usually around the age of 45 and above. They must have

been sitting in a bad position for hours without getting up to relieve the pressure on the back.

The duration of the sitting is not as important as the posture maintained in the sitting position.

The pain usually starts at the inner curve of the lower half of the back. X-ray will show that damages

have been done and the person will be on pain medication for a long time.

This condition is preventable and avoidable before damages occur.

Complying with the list below, you will be able to protect yourself from back pain.

     1.   When sitting always make sure you sit inside the chair to get full back support as opposed to

           edge of the chair or half of the chair.

     2.   Do not suspend or hang your mid-back in the air by sitting in a slouching position in chair as

           you will be compressing and damaging the spine.

     3.   Sit up straight always.

     4.   Avoid wearing high heel shoes.

     5.   Choose a sleeping position that is more comfortable by sleeping on your side with your knees

           moved upwardly toward the chest.

    6.   Be sure that you feet are flat on the floor and not hanging or suspended in the air.

    7.   Carry out more and regular exercises to relief muscle tension.

    8.   If the chair is too straight and does not protrude to support your back, put a small pillow or roll

          a towel to support your back.
    9.  Don't wear cloths that are too tight.

   10.  Reduce your weight, as excess weight will cause back pain.

   11.  Your legs must be at 90% to your thigh in order to avoid poor circulation of blood to your legs

          and feet and enable you maintain a balanced posture of the back.


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