Water is natures free gift. Just as plant requires water to thrive, germinate and blossom, that is how

our body needs water to function well. No matter the number of drinks taking,it cannot be compared

to water. Water is a clear liquid without colour, smell or taste and that is used for drinking. The body

requires about 1.5L to 2L(6-8 glasses) of water a day to maintain hydration, balance and optimum


Here are the benefits of water as listed below;

     1.  Water helps maintain normal body temperature.

     2.  It flush out toxin and waste from the body.

     3.  The body shines and glows due to constant intake of water.

     4.  It help keep the kidney clean.

     5.  The cells,tissues and organs are healthy because of intake of water.

     6.  Water purifies the body.

     7.  Water helps fight against skin disorder like spot, dry skin and wrinkles.

     8.  It helps remove by-product of fat from the body.

     9.  Water aids digestion and helps fight constipation.

Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and there after take at least a glass of water every

two hours. This will help keep the  body at a balanced level.


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