7 Simple Steps To Stop Nosebleed

Nosebleed can be fearsome but you do not need to panic. The 7 Simple Steps To Stop Nosebleed are stated below;

1. Do not sit in any position, just sit up straight and position your head slightly forward. Do not slant your head backward because if this is done, you can swallow blood which can cause stomach irritation resulting in vomiting and increase in nose bleeding. Always spit out any blood gathered in your mouth.

2. The nose is made up of hard, bony and softer cartilage. Bleeding in the nose usually occurs in the softer part of the nose. Your thumb and forefinger should be used to firmly shut the softer part of the nose. You will have to breathe through your mouth when you shut the softer part of the nose. Also you can use Afrin a medical nasal spray before putting on pressure which may help stop nose bleeding.

3. Using ice in the cheek and nose area will help stop bleeding as this helps to compress the blood vessels in that areas.

4. Continually pinch the nose for 10 minutes. Do not stop pinching before 10 minutes just to see if bleeding has stopped.

5. Most times nosebleed stop after 10 to 20 minutes of direct pressure. So check if nosebleed as stopped after 10 minutes. If the nosebleed as not stopped, hold for another 10 minutes.

6. Applying little amount of NasoGel or any antiseptic nasal cream inside the nose can help stop nosebleed. Make sure not to blow your nose or put anything inside your nose for a period of 12 hours after nosebleed as stopped.

7. Make sure to rest or sleep quietly for few hours.


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