Pot Legalized As Users Celebrate On The State House Steps

This is a serious matter as pot usage has been legalized in Massachusetts. There are question that needs to be answered such as driving after taking pot, abuse of the law, health related issues etc.

Pot devotees commended the authorization of pot in the Bay State yesterday by swapping buds on the means of the State House as state government officials were all the while resolving the shapes of the notable new law.

We're demonstrating that we're ready to give out cannabis to each other, we're ready to pass out concentrates and seeds to each other, and we're doing it gently, said Ellen Brown, an instructor at the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, who went to yesterday's Smoke-Up Rally.

Brown was holding an eighth of an ounce of "Blue Dream," a strain of weed she got in a trade with a kindred weed advocate.

Under the new rules, grown-ups 21 and more may have up to one ounce of pots on them and up to 10 in their homes. There is likewise a breaking point on developing weed — an individual can grow six plants, however a family unit can maximize at 12 plants.

Be that as it may, there is still a hazy area, and government officials are endeavoring to walk the fine green line between open health and executing the will of the voters.

How are you expected to manage this as for driving while high? No one truly has a smart response for that," said Gov. Charlie Baker, making his first remarks on the new law since weed was legitimized. That is one that unmistakably needs to get made sense of.

Amid an appearance on Boston Herald Radio, Massachusetts U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton said voters sent an unmistakable message.

Wrong usage of this pot can cause heart diseases such as heart attack.

They think cannabis ought to be legitimate yet directed," he said, including, I think the Legislature and the administration truly failed by not completing that by today — so they must fill in as fast as could be allowed.


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