6 Facts To Know About Menopause

Menopause as the name implies is the cessation or stop of menstrual cycle or period. This shows that a woman is aging. Menopause begins at an average of 50 in woman and sometime means not having a period for at least a year.

Hormones are responsible for the way our skin shines and bones been strong. Once menopause starts it causes this hormones to start fluctuating causing unpleasant symptoms. Below are the facts you need to know about menopause;

- The symptoms of menopause can start showing say 10 years before the stop of your period. This          means that the ovaries begin to produce less estrogen when the symptoms start and this cause              hormonal fluctuations like night sweats and hot flashes.

- Menopause starts at an average age of 50 but varies in woman.

- Breathing slow and deeply for about 16 minutes twice a day can help woman in menopause  reduces   hot flashes.

- Another thing to know is doing light exercise which can also help reduce hot flashes.

- During menopause the estrogen level starts to drop which causes Painful sexual activities and             vaginal dryness but there are few solution to this condition such as using moisturizers, low dose         vaginal estrogen and over the counter lubes.

- The risk of heart disease increases after menopause because the heart loses its protective effects   due to estrogen loss.


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